Saturday, November 24, 2007

We're having the kind of day I love today. Slept until about 8:15, and spent the first half hour or so after waking playing with the dog and my husband. We puttered around for a little bit, and then went off to Dona Rosa for breakfast. Charlie had a pumpkin emanada and coffee, and I had a small bowl of pozole and an horchata. From there we went and stocked up on eggs and produce and the farmer's market. The sky is so clear where we are today. The farmer's market is deeper into the foothills than our house, and when we were there we could see so much detail in the mountains. It's a beautiful, beautiful day.

When we got back I started a pot of turkey chili going on the stove, and then left Charlie to read his book and play with the dog while I ran errands. I got sensible things at Target (silicone spatula, measuring spoons to replace my ever disappearing measuring spoons, winter boots for visiting Chicago). At Vrommanns Bookstore, I got Charlie his anniversary gift, the first two volumes of the complete Tintin.

On the way home some kids doing a scavenger hunt drew my picture.

Then I was home, and I gave Charlie his presents even though our anniversary isn't until tomorrow. We ate turkey chili, and it was the best turkey chili that ever was.

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