Friday, November 16, 2007

The Siblings!

I'm so excited! My sister and brother should be arriving here in a few hours. I even checked their flight status online, and the plane is running early. They're in the air right now, coming towards me. This will be awesome.

Because of a variety of reasons (my freeway driving panic, the fact that their flight gets in during rush hour, the fact that we no longer live super close to LAX) they're getting a shuttle to my house from the airport. Which is kind of nice, as I can putter around here and be all showered and lovely when they get here. Although I am kind of missing picking people up at the airport. Being there waiting, and seeing them right when they emerge from the terminals is fun. But battling morning traffic on freeways that would terrify me to drive on in the best conditions isn't worth it, especially when we live some where with a reasonably priced shuttle option.

Anyhow, I should continue the getting ready.

Hopefully I'll have some good photos of us all soon.

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