Friday, November 02, 2007

Green Sweater: Blocking

See that. That is the green sweater blocking on my bedroom floor. Tomorrow, presuming it is dry, I will sew on the buttons and it will be DONE! Hooray!

The blocking is being a bit of a miracle blocking in some respects, as it seems to be fixing an issue with the button bands not stopping the edges from curling in. We'll see if this holds once the sweater is fully dry, but I'm thinking it will.

The only downside is that my bedroom currently reeks of wet wool. And while some wool smells nice wet, and while this wool smells fine dry, this wool wet smells like a great big fart that won't dissipate. It isn't the best thing. But at bedtime I'll gently transfer the sweater to my studio to finish drying, the bedroom window will be opened, and I think all will be well in the world of odor.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

That picture is fantastic! It looks like rolling green hills. I bet you can't wait to get that beautiful sweater on!