Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feather earrings!

Made using this tutorial, on a break from painting. I plan on wearing them to my teaching job this afternoon.

I really recommend this project. It's super fast, super easy, and feather earrings are just plain awesome. I'm in love with them myself, and plan to make a bunch more.

Ooo! And pictures of my stripey sun hat will be coming soon. It's all done, and adorable, but I haven't managed to get a good photo of it yet.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


As of this afternoon, my yellow stripey socks are done!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yo! Still knitting those yellow stripey socks. I'm almost done. I'm maybe half an inch or so from starting the toe. I've been working on them when I can, I've just been busy. Which is also the reason for the lack of blogging. But as I am starting to settle into my new, more madcap routine, I'm ready to start blogging again.

Sadly, I don't have a whole ton to say at the moment, or at least not things I would want to say to the world at large.

Oh! I know. Charlie and I started going to yoga again on Sunday after a bit of a hiatus, and it was wonderful. We can really only afford to go to class once a week most weeks, but I really want to incorporate it into our lives more. So I'm using part of an Amazon gift certificate to order a dvd. I'm sure eventually our home practice will be self-directed, but we really aren't ready for that yet. I just know that it's the right thing, doing more yoga. It makes us both feel good. For me, I think it's a more effective treatment for depression than medication or therapy. (For me. Obviously, different things work for different people, and if therapy or medication or a combination of the two are what works for you, than I'm just really happy for you that you have something that works. For me, yoga just feels more effective. Different people, different brain chemistry.) (God am I defensive.) For Charlie, I think it helps him to slow down, which is something he really needs. Not to mention, it helps our posture immensely, which I've noticed cuts way down on my foot pain.

Ooo! And I'm crocheting a sun hat. Which, like the yellow stripey socks, is almost finished. It's also yellow stripey, come to think of it, although it's yellow and gray striped in a much more sedate way. I'm digging it though, and I'm excited about having something to keep the sun out of my eyes.

After those are done I'm going to start another pair of socks, this time a nice alpaca-blend pair for Charlie. I also want to start a lace project. I am all about lace right now, and it isn't reflected in anything I'm working on right now, which is just wrong. It is reflected in my Ravelry queue, which is largely lace sweaters. So I'm pondering my options, and I think I'll be starting on a lace sweater soon.

Hey! I guess I had stuff to say after all, just in a very rambling, semi-random sort of way. I am out of practice with the blogging. I imagine with a renewed regular posting schedule, I will become a bit more coherent. In the meantime, I promise pictures of my projects as soon as they are finished, which should be soon.