Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Charlie and I dropped my sister and brother off at the airport before dawn Monday morning. It was a great visit, and I wish they were still here.

Alas, they are not, and perhaps it's not such a bad thing, since I've been very busy with work this week. And not the art half of my work, but the more out of the house half that is yarn related, teaching knitting and crochet, finishing needlework for some clients (just some weaving in ends and blocking) and working out some new patterns I hope to sell. And when I wasn't doing those things, or normal household sorts of tasks, I was trying to fit in a nap here and there, because it's been kind of non-stop action for a least a month now, and I'm starting to get worn down. Therefore, I don't have any new toys to share at the moment (soon though, hopefully). What I do have is sketches for possible future toys, which are pictured above. I know I enjoy flipping through other peoples sketch books, so I hope you enjoy a peek at mine.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pollywog is one of two toys I finished this morning (the other being a bird that I'm not sharing just yet). Originally she was supposed to be for the next shop update, but I can't bring myself to part with her. She has the goofy charm that makes me love what I do. Plus she works as a companion piece with a toy I made for my dad's birthday of a seamonster king (Mighty King Neptune!, so there's that too. Other toymakers out there- am I the only one who periodically makes a toy she just can't bear to give away?

And! Speaking of that shop update, I know it was supposed to be last week. Which clearly didn't happen. And I'm betting it isn't going to happen this week either, since I have my sister and brother arriving for the weekend in a few hours. So I'm aiming for next week. I'll try to make it extra awesome.

Oh! And I have the twitter now! Link in the sidebar! I'm on that way more often than this, what with the taking less time and all.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Seattle was awesome.

There was chowder.

And lots of galleries. (This is the one my work is in!)

And lots and lots and lots of art.

Best of all, there were so many kind, incredible people, amazing people who's business cards I need to dig out of my bag so that I can send emails and post links and generally keep in touch. Which I will start working on. Tomorrow. Right now it's time to make some lentil soup.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Hey there! New posts coming Monday, and a store update sometime next week.
And in the meantime, if you're in Seattle this weekend, check out Plush You! It should all be great, and I have some pieces at the Anne Bonney, and made the "S" for the sign at Blue Bottle. So yeah! That's exciting. I'm flying up there tomorrow morning for the weekend. Huzzah!

(On another note, I think the above picture may be the best I've ever taken of my work. So of course it was taken entirely on the fly, in one shot. Go figure.)