Thursday, October 22, 2009


Pollywog is one of two toys I finished this morning (the other being a bird that I'm not sharing just yet). Originally she was supposed to be for the next shop update, but I can't bring myself to part with her. She has the goofy charm that makes me love what I do. Plus she works as a companion piece with a toy I made for my dad's birthday of a seamonster king (Mighty King Neptune!, so there's that too. Other toymakers out there- am I the only one who periodically makes a toy she just can't bear to give away?

And! Speaking of that shop update, I know it was supposed to be last week. Which clearly didn't happen. And I'm betting it isn't going to happen this week either, since I have my sister and brother arriving for the weekend in a few hours. So I'm aiming for next week. I'll try to make it extra awesome.

Oh! And I have the twitter now! Link in the sidebar! I'm on that way more often than this, what with the taking less time and all.

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Megyn said...

pollywog looks pretty cool and it really awesome that you can make these yourself. Its different.