Monday, November 05, 2007

Now that the green sweater is done, I thought I'd talk about some new projects I'm working on, or am about to start.

Like this little fellow. This is the sketch for a toy I'm about to start. His face is made, I got the last of the supplies I'll need this afternoon (I hope, anyhow), so it's good to go. The finished toy will be a bit different than seen here, particularly in that I'm tweaking some colors a bit.

On the knitting front, I'm going to start working on the Hedera socks. I'm also hoping to start some nice green knee socks soon, but that will have to wait since I haven't even bought the yarn for them yet.

I'm also starting a hat. A mixed media hat, one that I've been dreaming of making for years. For now that's all I'll say about it. I think it will be better to show it off when it's a little further along.

Also, there will be painting. There are even some paintings that have been started that need to be finished.

And dioramas featuring toys I've made, which will than be photographed and made into postcards.

Also, this swift, for the winding of yarn. Because I'm cheap, and don't want to spend forty bucks minimum for something like that. Although that maybe a job I pass of to someone like my dad, or my uncle, or my sister. Someone with more tools. Because it will cease to be the cheap way if I need to buy lots of tools. Also, even though I know I've done more complicated woodworking projects than this, my eyes just shift out of focus everytime I try to read those directions.

Anyhow, busy times ahead! I'm feeling very vital and ready to create!

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