Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I am all about squares today! I was knitting a potholder at my knitting group today (Christmas present for my brother) and loving it. So easy and relaxing. Then I was asked to contribute a square or two to an afghans for wildfire victims project. Which inspired me to also want to start a queen-sized bed blanket for Charlie and me. Joan was heading to Michaels afterwards, so I rode with her and got yarn for a hat for my brother, the squares for the fire victims, and some to start of my bed blanket.

I'm excited. This will be nice to work on when I'm to tired to work on other things, and will be good travel knitting. This will probably accompany to Chicago and back. It should be good for on the plane, and also nice in that I can work on it while being social with relatives.

Which is not to say I'm abandoning my other projects. I'm hoping to cast on my second Hedera on Friday, and I'm already planning to get yarn for more socks. Plus I want to start a sweater for Charlie. And a million other things. Not to mention all of the non-yarn related projects, the paintings and the toys and the writing. But today, I am excited about squares.

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Charlie said...

Man I am so excited about the sweater!! I love sweaters, and my work happens to be FREEZING -- true, it's viciously cold right now for whatever reason in Pasadena and Sherman Oaks, but soon I'll be spending a lot of the day in edit suites that have to be kept cold for the computers.