Monday, November 19, 2007

I got up at three this morning, to see my siblings to the shuttle that would take them to the airport, as they gone back to Chicago. I said my farewells (and not too sadly, as I will see them again in a month's time for Christmas) and then went to join Charlie and Smee back in bed. Charlie and Smee had been waiting out front for the shuttle with us, but Smee lost in when at a newspaper delivery truck that had it's parking blinkers on. I know, the horrors. The lights, they were blinking at him. Since barking in the wee hours of the morning was not polite dog behavior, and since Charlie had a long work day ahead of him, they headed in first.

Anyhow, I did get back to sleep, but I'm a bit out of it now. I sleep so lightly that I tend to always be a bit tired. Today I get to be extra. But there isn't anything that needs to be done that is such an immediate need that it's today specific. I'm allowing myself a bit of a loaf around the house, drinking tea and such.

I do need to take a shower and pick up some books I have on hold at the library. It'll have to wait a bit though, as Rusty has settled on my lap. He used to sit on my lap all of the time when I was on the computer, but for a month or so he hadn't. I'd missed it. So even though I've done all of the online stuff I needed to do, I'm going to keep sitting here and poking around. Because I have a little orange cat on my lap, and I'm going to savor it.

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