Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cat Pee Jamboree

Step one of cleaning up the house for my siblings arriving tomorrow is complete! And since it is by far the most foul step, the initial clean-up and mopping of the guest bathroom, also known as the room where the cat pees, I felt I deserved a short break.

God was that gag inducing. It isn't that the cat doesn't pee in his box, it's that he also pees on other parts of the bathroom floor. Since this is the only part of the house he pees in, and he does it even when his box is clean, I suspect this is mainly just him being stupid. Especially as he is a stupid cat in general. This time around, there was a giant pool of rancid urine under his box. I ended up dumping a bunch of baking soda on it before I tried to get it up of the floor. This worked well, as it masked at least a little of the odor, and it absorbed enough of the liquid to make it easier to get up. It was really, really gross though.

I'm poking around at the internet, trying to find solution. I'm kind of tempted to try Feliway, but it's awfully pricey for something I'm not sure will actually work. Beyond my not being clear on whether the science is sound, there's the fact that I'm not sure if this is a Rusty's stupid problem or a Rusty's neurotic problem. I'm thinking it would help with neurotic, but not so much with stupid. The internets should try and convince me one way or the other. If anyone out there has tried this, please comment. Let me know your thoughts. Meanwhile, if Petco has it when I'm running errands later, I may just get it. It could be like giving myself the early Christmas present of less cat pee.

Ah well. Back to more cleaning. Ick.


Erin said...

I got the dog version for Rocky, in the hopes that it would make him a little less anxious and pee on the floor less. It seems to have worked in that he hasn't peed on the floor lately, but who knows if that's really the reason.

Jessie Mae said...

Huh. I hadn't realized there was a dog version. Makes sense though. Probably not on my radar because Smee stopped having accidents as soon as we moved to Pasadena.

Oh, I'm thinking I may just have to try this. Rusty is fairly anxious in general, and I think it might help him.

Chelsea said...

I have a stupid/crazy cat, too. Poor baby; we found her as a stray kitten, just about starved to death, and our vet said she'd suffered brain damage from malnutrition. She's sweet, but afraid of everything, and very easily upset. She poos on the floor in front of her box on a daily basis, and pees in front of it three or four times a week. So annoying. If you do get the Feliway and it helps with that, make sure to mention it!