Monday, November 12, 2007

Somehow, I had failed to realize that today was Veteran's Day until I turned on the news this morning. I think I may have thought it happened back near Labor Day. I may have, in fact, gotten it confused with Labor Day. Holidays like this are for what ever reason difficult for me to remember.

I'm basically pro-Veteran's Day, what with my grandpa being a vet, and my generally being in favor of days honoring people who do very difficult, scary things that I have trouble even contemplating. That said, I wish this did not mean the library was closed. I really would like some new books.

In other news, we went and saw No Country For Old Men last night. I'm glad I've seen it, but I don't plan on seeing it again anytime soon. It was really good, but it was also kind of too much for me. Very brutal.

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