Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today's big excitement is that we got a new vacuum! And I genuinely mean that. We have carpet in this apartment, and Charlie has the asthma. Our old vacuum was one that Charlie and his old roommates bought for five dollars at a garage sale. Even at five bucks, it was perhaps over priced. It was sort of like vacuuming with the sofa. It weighed about as much, was about as manuverable, and picked up about as much dirt as you would expect to get sucked up by pushing the couch around the floor.

Our new vacuum is this one. It's the number one pick from Consumer Reports. Also, it was on sale, one hundred dollars off. A friend has one and says its great. I'll report back once I've actually tried it, but I think this vacuum may actually suck things off my floor.

Oh, and being this excited about a vacuum does make me feel old, thank you.


Joan said...

Wow! Jessie, that looks like a great vacuum. What a treat to vacuum with something that will actually pick something up. LOL I'm happy for you.

Jessie Mae said...

Thanks! It should make a big difference. I used to enjoy vacuuming, and I'm thinking with the new vacuum I will enjoy it yet again.