Thursday, November 29, 2007


I've been working most of today toward the shop update (come look! Buy things! If you buy things, maybe one day I can get a dining room table and move my work table into my studio!) sewing mostly, plus organizing things I've made in the past to sell and then didn't. Right now though, I am take a semi-forced break. Because Rusty is sitting on my lap.

I've talked here many times about how our cat, Rusty, has some issues. He had a hard life before he came to live with us. We talk a lot, especially the past week or so, about how far he's come, emotionally and physically. But he still has a long way to go. He's no longer dangerously thin, but he could probably still put on some weight for his health. He no longer hides behind large appliances and furniture, but he's still always a bit on edge.

So the fact that he is right now sitting on my lap is wonderful. Usually, if he decides to sit on my lap when I'm working, it's more a figure of speech. He actually usually stands on my lap, happy, but ready to leap if there's a hint of a threat. When he decides to sit with Charlie when he's at the computer, Charlie has to perch towards the back half of the seat while Rusty perches in front of him.

But right now, Rusty is fully settled into my lap. Resting. He's awake, but he's looking up at me instead of scanning the room. He isn't purring yet, but it feels like he may soon.

So even though I have work to get done, and I have to pee something awful, I'm going to keep sitting here awhile longer. And it will be very, very worth it.

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