Friday, November 30, 2007

Hey! It's the last day of NaBloPoMo. And I've really enjoyed it. I won't say that I've written anything particularly profound or even all that interesting this month, but I have gotten into the habit of writing everyday. As that was the goal I was hoping to accomplish with all this, I'm satisfied.

I doubt I will keep up posting on the blog everyday after this (for one thing, starting next week it is non-stop activity until March), but I'm thinking I'm going to try for every weekday. I think the regular schedule will keep me going, but at the same time the lack of pressure will mean that I can focus on writing things that are worth reading. That is the goal for December- improving the quality of the writing, now that I've got quantity down. I used to be a pretty good writer, and I'm hoping to get that back.

I was going to take pictures of the new pieces that I've done so far for the update and share them, but it's raining. And I won't complain, because holy fuck have I missed rain. It's so cozy and peaceful feeling. (I say this as someone working from home today. If I had to go out somewhere, I might feel differently.) Plus, it's been such a dry year that every bit of moisture helps.

Also, there's a lot of eucolyptus, bay, and dill growing in my neighborhood, and the rain really brings out their fragrance. It's smells like a fancy spa around here.

As for today's plans, I was hoping to make more faces for the toys, as I have run out. Alas, I fear instead I will be folding laundry. Five loads of it. I'm serious. Someone (Charlie) changes his clothes several times a day, and someone else (me) has not been keeping up with the laundry the way she was meaning to. Also I need to vacuum, do dishes, and tidy up at least in the living room and dining room in case the people we're going to dinner with decide to come back to our place afterwards. When you combine all of that with the fact that making faces and heads, and then painting them, tends to take at least a few hours, and makes a mess of it's own, and you get that it is probably not happening.

Luckily, I have some heads still, so maybe late afternoon I can do some sewing with those.

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