Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's a little chilly, and quite gray around here today. I'm mostly enjoying this, as I like wearing sweaters, and I've always felt the sun in Southern California is particularly brutal. That said, I think I'd be enjoying my tea and blanket weather a bit more if the lamp in my office wasn't such a piece of crap.

Going into this, you have to realize that my apartment is set up so that there is some good degree of overhang shading all of my windows. Normally, in sunny Pasadena this is a lovely thing. The apartment is by no means dark, but it stays a comfortable temperature in the summer heat, and the light isn't glaring. However, this means that on those rare gray and gloomy days, it is dark in here.

The other thing you should know is that this lamp has always been broken, or at least it's been broken the entire time we've had it. That's how we got it, actually. One of Charlie's coworkers was clearing out her office awhile back, and this lamp was going to be thrown away otherwise. At the time, we had no money, and lived in a different apartment, one with crappy lighting, and so a free lamp wasn't going to be turned down just because it had major structural issues. Plus, by chance, it matched the other, non-broken lamp that was already in our living room.

But back to the issue at hand. The lamps are split up in our new apartment, with the working, non-frightening lamps living one in the living room, one in the bedroom. The crappy one is in my office. And lately, it has started listing. It looks like a thin tree in a strong wind. This strikes me as a precarious situation at best, so I don't really want to use it. I'm afraid the dog or I will bump it and it will fall over and something horrible will happen. What that horrible thing that would happen when a floor lamp fell over I couldn't say, but I'm dreading it none the less. So I'm sitting here in the gloom, and feeling a bit put out.

I guess what I'm saying is, I need to buy a new lamp.

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