Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Today was madness. Mild madness, really, but I was afraid I wouldn't get the painting in. Luckily I did, but only by pushing one of the things I need to get done until tomorrow. Further dealings with the US postal service will have to wait.

The thing with the postal service is this- they have entered my change of address from Chicago as a family rather than an individual, and as such, I am getting all of my brother's utility bills mailed to me. (My brother moved into my old apartment when I moved out.) As I don't want to spend a life time paying my brother's bills in addition to my own, and I don't want to screw up his credit rating, I need to get this sorted out. I did call today, but after the world's most meandering conversation with what had to be the stupidest woman ever employed, it was determined that I would have to go to the post office in person to get the problem fixed. Which isn't a big deal, as the post office is only a few blocks away, and I need to get new change of address forms for the new move. What is annoying is that what should have been a question answered in thirty seconds took a fifteen minute conversation. Really, I should have asked our friendly and extremely competent mail carrying lady about it, but I didn't want to bother her.

Also today were the excitements of Charlie's car overheating! and him needing me to rescue him! (the rescuing him wasn't a big deal, but we don't need more expenses right now) and grocery shopping! and the dog thinking everything that happens outside, including leaves moving, is very, very threatening!

That said, I'm actually doing well today. Getting back into daily painting is making a very positive impact on me already.

Today's painting is at the top, and the second picture is the sketch on canvas before painting. I like this guy a lot. Originally I was planning to do him creepy, and cuddling a ham, but I decided to have him holding a little orange kitten and looking sad. I think I will save the ham cuddling for someone for whom creepiness wouldn't seem like such a cliché.

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