Wednesday, September 27, 2006

First things first, that being that the cat is still with us! Or rather, he is with the vet currently, but he is with the vet being alive. He still may not make it, but he's improving. There's at least a little hope. So I'm feeling a little better. We're going over there to visit him tomorrow.

And I cut more stamps! The one on the left is a space pirate, and the one on the left, rather more obviously, is a kitty. They were done on that pink rubber block, rather than linoleum, so the detail isn't as great as it could be, but the rubber works much better with a conventional stamp pad, which is a plus for me right now, what with all the moving chaos. Plus there are no tables left at the old house at this point, so I need to do projects that can be set up on a tv tray.
But yeah! I continue to enjoy the stamping. I'm going to use the prints I made as postcards, and I'm going to make some little greeting cards too. I'm also thinking about trying to sell them. Paintings bring in more money, obviously, but postcards sell better.

I also started my sweater for the crochetalong. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to start over. I'm not sure where I did calculations wrong, but I'm at the point of joining the neck band together, and it's a bit too small to fit over my head. And my head, she is not that big.
That said, I'm liking the project as a whole. Presuming it works out, I think I'll give the finished product to my mom for Christmas.

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