Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ack. There is way, way too much going on right now. We're in the process of moving out into the new house. We're getting wedding invitations ready to mail out. I'm trying to set up a freelance illustration business. And hopefully get my paintings up in galleries. Plus all of the trying to settle myself into being a California citizen that have been very difficult with the two moves in a row thing. And I get to spend all afternoon hanging around the old house so that the landlord can bring some woman over to evaluate the floors.

Yesterday and today both had major episodes of trying to find Kinko's, and then trying to convince them that they did in fact offer a custom greeting card making service, per their website. I actually had one of their employee's today ask me what I meant by greeting card.

"You know," I said, "A picture on the outside, text on the inside."

She insisted that they only did that in quantities of 1000 and for the price of $900. I didn't try to point out that their website lists this service at $30 for a box of 25.

The young men at the desk were more friendly, but insisted that the custom greeting card service one-had to be done by the unpleasant woman in the back, despite what she said, and two-was only available during holiday seasons.

So I went home. And I made up a 8.5x11 invitation in Photoshop. Charlie's going to print it out at work, and I'm going to get it copied on to nice paper tomorrow. Even with the nice envelopes I want to buy, it's still going to be a hell of a lot cheaper than the custom greeting card option. So I'm cool with it. And I think it's going to look pretty cool.

On the art and craft front things are slow, because our household is in such massive upheaval right now. Soon we'll probably be selling or junking the table I've been using as my work surface. And this weekend most of the kitchen appliances are disappearing. Charlie and I will still be living, or at least sleeping at any rate, in the old house until a week from Saturday, but I'll be cooking all of our meals, and possibly working, at the new house. At least it's only for a week.

And I am swatching for the new crochet-a-long on Crochet Me. I'm using TLC Amoré, which isn't the nicest yarn in the world, but it's nice enough. And, more importantly, it's cheap and they had it at the art supply store that I can walk to from my house.

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