Saturday, September 23, 2006

heart stamp

Finally the wedding invitations are made, and the envelopes are beginning to be addressed. Plus I am decorated each envelope with a handcarved anatomical heart stamp. That I carved myself! It was really fun. I hadn't done any really block carving and printing since high school, and I had forgotten how much fun it is. I see a lot more stamp carving in my future.

In the end, the invitations were printed up at Staples, where we were treated very kindly and given a reasonable price. Unlike fucking Kinko's, which is never getting any of my fucking money fucking ever. It isn't that anything they did was all that awful, and most of their employees were fairly nice. But they've screwed me over so many times, in such a short amount of time, that I really kind of hate them now.

A lot got done today. Beyond the invitations, and a shit load of other errands (bank, post office, picking up prescriptions), we also helped Pete move. Which was actually pretty easy, because Pete had already taken most of his stuff over, and also because the house he's moving into has housed his girlfriend for a good long time, and is already quite furnished. Also, once we got to the house, I was put in charge of comforting the skittish cat. So for me it was a lot of sitting around patting a kitty, and then later drinking out of Charlie's beer.

And now I am home, and drinking red wine. We had lovely homemade cheeseburgers and edamame for dinner, and will shortly be settling in to watch Kill Bill part 1. I'm feeling content. And best of all, our movers are coming next Saturday, so I'm finally closing in on the end of the moving odyssey.

Oh! And I'm officially joining the first official Crochet Me crochet-along! I'm really liking the swatch I worked up. This should be fun.

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