Thursday, September 14, 2006


Ugh. It is so grey this morning. Very gloomy. Very depressing. If this wasn't Southern California in September, I'd swear it was about to rain. Which I would actually like. Rainy days can be very cozy, especially working at home with a cup of tea. Gloomy, grey days without rain are not cozy. They are demotivational. They make me sleepy, in a bad way.

That said, I can't really let the weather get me down. I actually have a lot I need to get done today. Sketches for puppets I'm doing for Charlie's parents. Wedding invitation illustration painting. The painting I started yesterday. Finding the nearest U-Haul. Getting a postcard for the guestbook of the wedding we're going to this weekend. Washing more dishes. Laundry. A million other little things.

What I want to do is curl up in bed with the Ruth Reichl book I have out from the library, and shove my nose into the dog's side and inhale his wonderful doggy smell. And then shove my nose in the cat's side and inhale his wonderful kitty cat smell. And then maybe take a nap.

Oh well. Off to be productive.

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