Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ham fence

The family next door appears to have a new game. It goes as follow- Small child shrieks. Mother shrieks. Small child shrieks. Mother shrieks. And so on. Forever.
These are happy shrieks, and as much as this may be irritating for me as a neighbor, I can't fault them. Because if I was a small child, I can basically guarantee that shrieking would be my favorite game in the whole wide world. Hell, I suspect it's a game I would enjoy playing now, if I thought I could get away with it.

So today's picture is the promised ham-cuddler. She didn't really turn out creepy after all. Disturbing, possibly. But not creepy. But I like her. I like the ham.

I never really liked ham growing up, but I'm finally starting to come around. I'm still not a big fan of big fat slices of ham, especially anything glazed. But little chunks of ham in a savory dish can be nice, and I love the prosciutto. I'm sort of on the ham fence.

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