Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This little fellow is Zazie the Second, named for the first Zazie, the cat my fiance had in college. (While Zazie is not with us personally, he is still with us in the sense of being alive. He lives in Wisconsin with one of Charlie's former roommates.)
Like Mortimer before him, Zazie II is an adaption of the bear pattern from "Sewing Tiny Toys". He's a bit more adapted though. I changed the shape of the head, made the body longer and wider, added more shape to the hips, and lengthened the limbs. He didn't turn out quite how I expected, but I like how he turned out anyhow.

This is the painting I'm about to start. It's in honor of subways and els, which I miss. Granted, there is technically a train here, but it's neither convenient to where I live nor is it convenient to where I need to go. The train here is sort of a joke.
But yeah. I was thinking about all the train rides I took in college, how even when it's a giant pain in the ass, it always lulled me.

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