Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another day waisted waiting on the locksmith. BUT! BUT! Today I finally met at success. Granted, that success came at about seven pm, but we have a key! A key that works on the car! A key that will be copied as soon as possible so that this never happens again.
So yeah. It was another big day of barely leaving the house because I never knew when the locksmith was going to be there. The whole thing made me incredibly antsy. As a result, there was no painting today. I was just to on edge. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back on schedule.

I did get to spend a lot of time with the boys though, which was nice. That's Smee looking very expectant there (I'm holding a rope toy up above the camera and telling him to sit). And the handsome cat on the (odd-looking but extremely comfortable) chair is Moe. They've been a big help for me here. I get lonely, and they make me feel less alone. And having them here makes Los Angeles feel a lot more like home.

I also got work done today! Like I said, no painting, but I did sew two little jointed bears. They're a little sketchy looking, but I think that gives them charm. They're from a pattern in the Carolyn Vosburg Hall book "Sewing TIny Toys". I'm really liking this book. Besides having a lot of cute patterns in its own right, it also has a lot of clear, practical advice for designing your own patterns. I'm glad that when I have to return the library's copy, I'll be able to borrow my roommate's copy to play with.

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