Monday, April 21, 2008

Today's work is slow going. It's turning out well, don't get me wrong, but it's a more complicated piece than I've been doing lately, and it's taking time. It'll be worth it though. As I'm getting better at what I'm doing, more and more of the time spent on art becomes worth it. Which I guess makes the time before it worth it too, because otherwise how would I have gotten to the point I am at now?

Anyhow, it's also slow going because I'm tired. For non-serious dog related reasons, I've been awoken way too early the past two days. And last night we were out late (well, late for us on a Sunday, as we've become the stay at home sort of people) at a friend's theatrical showcase. Which was awesome. I'm so proud of our actor friend, he did so well.

Charlie, of course, is even more tired than I am, as he had much the same Sunday as I did, except that he started the day by flying from Melbourne, Australia, back to Los Angeles. And he's at the office now, so he can't take a nap break the way I'm thinking I might.

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