Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I've been running about wildly all day. To my knitting group, to drop off an job application (although I'm hoping I can teach classes rather work at a store or in an office, since for all that I'm very, very good at customer service and the like, it's also very, very exhausting for me, what with my social issues and all), to the post office, to the vet to drop of the boys for boarding (Charlie, sadly, is not coming with me to visit relatives, but he is going on a business trip to New York). And now that I'm home I've been mainly getting household stuff wrapped up, so that we don't return to a complete disaster. So no real art today, although I did do a little sketch of a knitted toy I'd like to make.

Tomorrow we will get up bright and early to be off to the airport. Although our flights only leave a half hour apart, we're on different airlines, so we won't be able to wait together. Then at the other end, I will meet my family. We will collect our bags, get our rental car, and head off to my grandparents house. Once there, I suspect it will mainly be hanging out, chatting, going on walks, and swimming in the pool. A low key sort of time. I'm very happy about this.

If I get a chance to get on to my grandpa's computer, I'll try to update. If not, I'll report back on Sunday!

Editing to add: I wanted clarify, re: teaching versus customer service, that I've had both jobs before. Teaching doesn't give me the kind of massive anxiety customer service does. It's difficult, and tiring, but I don't stay awake all night panicking about work the next day. Plus I actually enjoy it, and feel like I have skills to share.

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mushroommeadows said...

I was a teacher for a couple of years and I still have nightmares. :) Then again, I taught middle school.