Wednesday, April 02, 2008

After letting it sit for a week (if you were guessing that my knitting group meets on Wednesdays, you would be correct!) I got back to my green sock, and made a little progress. Not a lot. But I've made enough progress that I can tell that my theory that as the ankle started to grow, the foot would start to fit better was correct. Which was a relief, because I didn't want to rip out. And I like my socks to fit a bit tightly, especially handknit socks, so it's all just fine. I'm feeling excited about them again.

The baby shower I went to today was tons of fun, and the food (done potluck style) was wonderful. My spanakopita was enjoyed, and I'm going to be putting together something of a recipe to share, both with the people who attended the shower, and with anyone who reads the blog. Get ready for easy! I would give more of a rundown of the shower itself, but I've had a bit to much caffiene, and I am all jittery and scattered.

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Joan said...

Love the socks, Jessie!! Yep, the shower was lots of fun. With guests like you to make it a blast. The spanakipita was delicious! I would love the recipe.