Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So I had a whole plan for art today, but instead Charlie has what may be the swine flu, and I'm taking care of him, and I'm exhausted. Because of course our doctor's office is closed for Veteran's day, I had to take him to immediate care. Which for some reason, the closest one that takes our insurance is about 15 miles away, in Koreatown. Which in itself seems wrong, since we have insurance through a major carrier and live in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, which is huge and densely populated. But whatever. So I took him there, and we waited for about three hours even though we were the only people there. Once we actually got to see the doctor, she apologized and told us that she had just gotten a new staff, and that they were stupid. She herself was very helpful, and gave us both Tamiflu, Charlie for treatment and me for prevention. Then I dropped Charlie off at home, and went to the pharmacy and the grocery. At 2pm I finally got to eat something.

So yeah. No art today. But on the plus side, I think we got treatment for Charlie quickly enough I doubt it will turn into anything major, and I'm fine other than being so tired that I'm having trouble typing properly.

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Pang said...

oh no!! i'm glad you guys caught it early on. feel better both of you.