Saturday, November 07, 2009


Accomplished today:
-Slept in until an alarm I hadn't even realized I'd set on my watch went off. (We'd be out late last night going to see these guys- Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Very cool.)

-Got our vegetables and fruits for the week at our local farmers market. (Very in to bok choy and kale lately.)

-Got our flu shots at Charlie's work. (Seasonal only so far, but it was nice to get that with so little hassle.)

-Ate some lunch.

-Sat down to read books, ended up taking naps instead.

-Watched most of Psycho, except for the end, because the dvd got all screwy. Luckily, we've both seen it before, but I'm still a little grouchy about it.

Things that did not get done include various art projects and writing. Still to come today (probably) is the making of ravioli to freeze for Thanksgiving.

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