Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey! Almost forgot to blog today. Nothing big to report. Charlie is majorly on the mend, although still very tired. I'm exhausted, but continue to be healthy. I took care of Charlie in the morning, then went to work, then went to the grocery store, and then back home for a simple dinner and some Popeye cartoons (Which- Popeye cartoons are awesome, but I think they are starting to have and adverse effect on my speech patterns.). After Charlie went to bed I finished some plying I started this afternoon. If I had thought of it, I would have posted a picture of the yarn, but as it's currently soaking in soapy water, it'll have to wait for tomorrow. That's okay though, as it will be better then. It's not the best yarn I've ever made, and there isn't a lot of it (it was an experiment) but it is the most success I've had with plying to date. And it's awfully soft. I'm excited to knit it into something.

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