Sunday, November 08, 2009

Accomplished today-
-Charlie and I drove out to Santa Monica, and drank coffee on the beach.

-Then I had my first spinning class, over at Urban Craft Center! We started with spindle spinning, which I've been doing for awhile (but still love, and was gratified to learn I was doing correctly, despite the fact that I taught myself from a pamphlet), and then we started in on the wheels. This was the first time I've ever spun on a wheel, and I loved it! I'm still not so great at it, and my wheel yarn is so much crappier than my spindle yarn, but I'm determined to get the hang of it. And by the end my work was definitely getting easier and looking better. The next class is in two weeks, and I can't wait. I also see the purchase of my own wheel in the near future.

-After class I was immediately picked up by Charlie and Jed (who were neighborhood scouting) and taken to lunch. Tasty, tasty lunch, at Sapp Coffee Shop, which is not so much a coffee shop as it is a Thai restaurant. I adore it muchly. We went there for the first time about a month ago, and we've gone about once a week since then. If you go, I recommend the boat noodles and the jade noodles.

-Then we went to the Arclight to see the new Coen brothers movie, A Serious Man. Which was very, very good. I actually thought it was better than No Country for Old Men. Much more subtle. Also funny, which I'm always in favor of.

-Oh! Between lunch and the movie we went to Amoeba Records and got three cds and one movie, which I am to lazy to actually go get from the other room to get the titles. Tomorrow maybe? I'm really tired.

-Anyway, after the movie Jed offered to treat us to dinner (I had treated him to lunch) so we went and had some Salvadorean food at a lovely place that I believe is called Gloria's. It was very nice, and I suspect we will be back.

-And now I am home, the dog has been fed and walked, and I'm going to curl up with some dvds and the charming young man I married.

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