Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18, 2009 in pictures.

Plus a book I'd been waiting for forever came in for me at the library! And I cut out felt for toys! And I made dinner! And I tried to go to the grocery store, but it shares parking with stupid Macy's which was having a stupid sale so I ended up going home without even getting out of the car. And now I'm going to go curl up with Charlie and watch Krazy Kat cartoons.


Anonymous said...

It was the BEST seeing you today at knitting. Oh gosh, never feel like you are competing with us. I always learn so much from you when you join us. You are a natural teacher, Jessie. Please come more often, we all have missed you so much.

I am loving your pictures here on your blog-- So much fun to look at!


Jessie Mae said...

Thanks! I won't be there next week- Charlie's family will be in town, it's my anniversary, and I want to get a lot of Thanksgiving dinner prepared ahead of time, but I'm hoping to come again the week after.

Anonymous said...
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PeteLevin said...

I totally agree with what Jane said.