Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Favor of.

Things I am in favor of today-

-Popeye! We've been watching a lot of old Popeye cartoons lately. A lot a lot. To the extent that it's starting to affect my speech patterns if I'm not careful.

-They Might Be Giants! My friend Brianna and I are going to see them tonight in Westwood. Very excited. More on this after the show.

-Spinning! Still. The yarn kind, not the exercise bike thing. I'm sad that I'm too busy and exhausted to get down to the craft center to practice on the wheel this weekend, but I've been enjoying working on my drop spindle in the mean time.

-Fall/Winter vegetables! My food budget gets a lot cheaper once cabbage comes into season. And it's a fun change of pace. Plus, now that it's not a million degrees outside, I have so many more cooking method options.

-My various infirm family members are all at least somewhat on the mend! This is a big one, as some of them were causing me a great deal of worry.

-Awesome leftover kale, bean and sausage soup! Very tasty, and leftovers give me a break from cooking.

-This sweater! (It's a Ravelry link, so if you don't have an account there it won't work.) All sorts of small needle colorwork-y goodness. I am in love, and may need to make this. It'll be somewhat of a major undertaking, but whatever.

Hooray for good things!

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