Friday, March 07, 2008

I started flossing today, after a prolonged but unintended hiatus (I, um, forgot). Wow does my mouth hurt. I mean, I'm going to keep it up, because it's health and because long term I like how it feels, and because I know if I keep it up it won't hurt anymore. But short term? Ow. It isn't even so much that it hurts, as that it is sensitive. I am so aware of the teeth and gums right now it's a bit distracting.

Also, I would like to point out that the downside of the pleasant Southern California climate is that it is always construction season. Always. Especially in my neighborhood. It is very loud, and like my mouth pain, rather distracting.


Mary T. said...

Hi there! I had to comment on the flossing post. After a prolonged bout of procrastination and fear, I finally went to the dentist after and EIGHT YEAR lapse! I had my teeth cleaned last week. It was *not* pleasant! My dentist, however, is great, very young, charming, and non-judgemental. He did make a couple jokes about how long it had been though. (Long story -- previous dentist scared me that I would have to have gum surgery and it had the opposite effect that you'd think.)

Anyway, my dentist, surprisingly, told me, "If you're going to floss your teeth every other day, just don't even bother." I was amazed by this and when his tools were out of my mouth, asked him to clarify. He stood by what he'd said -- according to him, every day is an opportunity for crap to get in there and once it takes hold, it's too late. (He said he himself had been scolded for not flossing.) I share this not to scare you, just to empathize! (And honestly? I'd say please keep flossing -- my results could have been much worse if I hadn't all these years.) But you can bet I've flossed assiduously every day since my last appointment!

Sorry for the book! : )

Jessie Mae said...

I'm so glad to hear someone else has the same sort of teeth issues. I've found that whether or not I floss, as long as I brush regularly my dentist says my teeth and gums are just fine. Partly because I tend to lie and say that I was flossing more than was actually the case. But I figure it's still a good habit to get back to, because my mouth feels nicer when I floss more often.