Wednesday, March 12, 2008


And the birds for the show, they are done. No documentation on this guy being made, mainly because I didn't think of it earlier in the process, but also by the time I did think of it I just want to finish and didn't feel like messing around with the camera. Also the light was not so great.

The light was great today, not that you can tell from that shot. My camera and it's ways are mysterious to me, but the end result is that I'm going to have to play with this in Photoshop a bit to get it to look right. Which I probably should have done before posting it, but I wanted to get it up there now.

Anyhow, it's nice to be done with that, other than sending off some info to the gallery, and than mailing them there. I've been mainly taking today to lollygag a bit, going to knitting and then poking at the internet. It's good that today is my lazy day, as I'm feeling a bit off, not physically, but somewhere in my brain. Not sad either, just needing a bit of a break. Which I'm having. Tomorrow though, it will be back to work. I have all manner of sea monsters and cats and more birds and who knows what else to make.

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Bob said...

Never seen anything like these figures before! Very unique! Very charming!