Monday, March 10, 2008


This is what I was doing today. And it really turned out wonderfully, except for one thing. The legs don't support the body. They go all wobbly sideways and the whole thing capsizes. I'm incredibly disheartened. For some reason, I assumed that since the same sort of legs support the little birds, that this style resized to fit the larger bird would support it. Obviously I was wrong. I'm thinking I'll be taking the legs off, repositioning them towards the front, and replacing some of the stuffing in the bottom of the body with weighted doll filler beads. Than it will probably be able to sit nicely enough. It's just very frustrating. Accordingly, I think I'm taking a break for at least a few hours. I'll make dinner and what not, and come back to it with fresh eyes.

On the plus side, look how awesome my patio furniture is. And this photo doesn't even fully convey it's awesomeness. I'm looking forward to later in the week, when I will hopefully have time to spend a few early afternoon hours doodling in that very spot.

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Joined at the Stitch said...

yeah for buying IKEA summer items!