Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tick tick tick

So, a quick post, because we're having guest to a dinner I haven't prepared yet. I got behind, you see, because we found a tick sticking out of the dog, and had to take him to the night vet to have it removed. Luckily, they got the whole thing out (and for free!), but it definitely put me behind schedule. And scared the shit out of me at first, although they said we have essentially nothing to worry about living where we do.

Fortunately for our dinner plans, I'd already finished the above cake when we found the tick. It's a cranberry upside down cake, and very tasty. It's not to sweet, and the color is gorgeous. The recipe calls for an 8" round, and while I can't find my one of those, I do have a lovely heart shaped pan that holds the same volume. Thus, a beautiful red heart. And yes, I do plan on making another one of these for Valentines Day.

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Ulli said...

hey jessie,
sorry to hear about the tick, i can't stand this suckers.
the cake looks delicious!