Thursday, January 08, 2009

New shirt!

I love this t-shirt my husband got me for Christmas. Actually, I've been loving it on the Buy Olympia website for a long while now, but my hints finally got loud enough. Anyhow, it came in the mail yesterday, so of course I have to wear it today.

I love this whole outfit, actually, and may end up wearing it again when I go out this weekend.

I also love how in this picture, it looks like I have a hair style. I do not have a hair style. I have hair that is slowly growing out of a buzz cut. Although it looks generally cute today, it is overall just sort of there.

Ooo! I am also very pleased that as I fell asleep last night, I thought of a good way to put bones in my armatures with out using JB Weld. A way that will result in bonus hands and feet. A way that, frankly, once I thought of I felt kind of stupid that it hadn't occurred to me sooner. I will share this way once I actually try it out, which should be next week.

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