Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year! Charlie and I spent today in our pajamas, lazing around and watching first the Rose Parade, and then some movies. The Rose Parade, by the way, goes by about two and half blocks from our house, but we prefer to watch on tv, in the comfort of our living room. I'm not a big crowd person, and there's something very cozy about watching it with a cup of tea while wearing a bathrobe.

The movies we watched were fun. The first was Emperor of the North, a 70s movie about hobos during the Great Depression. It wasn't very good, but it starred Lee Marvin, and am currently fascinated by Lee Marvin.

The second movie was a Lon Chaney starring, Tod Browning directed silent film called The Unknown, which was about having arms and not having arms and circus folk. It was deeply, deeply awesome.

Now I am off to watch some Simpsons, still in my pajamas, before rejoining the world of productive adults tomorrow.

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