Thursday, June 18, 2009

pro and con

Pictured is a future tomato/current blossom from my garden. It's sort of tangentially related to the post, and it's nice to have a picture up there.

Good for today-
- Way, way better running times than I was expecting. I'm running a 5K in July, and today is the first day I started to think there was a possibility of me running the whole race instead of just most of it.
- Got my gardening done. Two more tomatoes, a replacement basil, a japanese cucumber, a bell pepper, and a marigold all put in their proper pots, plus a succulent repotted in a bigger new home. Plus I did it all before the sun hit the patio, thus making for a much more pleasant gardening experience.
- Actually remembered to buy dish soap at the store. I've been forgetting this for several store trips now, so remembering this time was a relief.
- Picked up books at the library, including one that's been held for Charlie for almost a week. I love the library.
- Going to the comic book store. They didn't have what I wanted today, but they thought they would have it in soon. Plus I love browsing there. And the employees are super friendly.

Bad for today-
- The return of the heat. The Los Angeles area had been having such nice, cool, wet weather the past few weeks. I'm very sad to see it go. I'm not a hot and sunny person.
- Tom's of Maine apparently no longer makes the toothpaste we like in the flavor we like. So I got stupid peppermint instead, but I am not happy about it. I realize it's ridiculous to be angry about it, and do see the humor in my grumpiness, but I'm very particular about my toothpaste.
- I feel bad calling peppermint stupid. It isn't peppermint's fault they stopped making the SLS free cinnamon-clove. And now I'm having guilty anthropomorphizations of toothpaste flavors. Lovely.
- The sewing of toys is not working so well today. It's a very tangly thread, hot office, stupid pieces not fitting kind of work day.

All in all, I'd say good out weighs bad. Huzzah!

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