Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, tomorrow I'm hoping to put up pictures of the green sweater progress. It has two arms now, the same number of arms that I have! Convenient! And the beginning of a hood. But it's getting dark, and I want nice daylight to take pictures. So you have to wait.

But! I wanted to check in and say that I have not been consumed by fire. Not that I was in any real danger. The closest of the fires to me was about 30 miles away, and I think that one has been contained. Also, the LA Times historical map and a variety of friends who grew up in Southern California assure me that Pasadena doesn't really get the fires. It's still scary, and our air quality sucks, and I'm incredibly sad for all of the people who've lost their homes, and in a few cases their lives. But I, personally, am safe. Freaked out, but safe.

One other thing- I'm the only woman in the 20-40 age range who doesn't like Say Anything, aren't I? I just don't like it. It always feels sort of creepy and stalkery to me, and John Cusack spends the whole movie being so whiny. I don't begrudge other people their love of it, but it really isn't my thing.

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