Monday, October 01, 2007

Four new faces! Buttons!

Four new faces today! One will be for the last of the secret Christmas commision, but the rest don't have specific fates. Mostly I'm just really enjoying working on this style of toy guy again. For whatever reason, I was stalled on ideas for them for quite awhile. All of the sudden, for the past few monthes, I'm really on a roll. And I'm extra excited now, because after one more secret toy, I can start showing them off again! I'm really interested to see what people think of the ones I'm working on now.

Plus the buttons for my new sweater came today! I got them from The Button Shoppe, and I really like them! The sweater is progressing nicely, so I should get to put my buttons to use soon. Now I just need the needles I ordered for the sleeves to come. I tried to buy them at the yarn store near my house, but she doesn't stock the brand of needles I started with. And while my Clovers are the same US size as the ones she stocks (6), the metric size is different (mine are 4.25mm, everything she had was 4mm). The difference probably isn't enough to be a problem, but I'm not risking it with that much work involved.

Also of note today- I gave the stove a good scrubbing, which it was really needing. It looks good now though. It also took forever.

And for anyone still reading, I leave you with this- I went to the kitchen this morning to get a cup of tea, and there was Rusty, my tiny little cat, eating the dog's dry food. Which is a mystery of sorts, since the cat has plenty of his own food, and this is dog food that the dog isn't even interested in. Rusty is a weird little cat.

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