Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's turning into a real sweater!

I can get over how this has become a real sweater. I almost typed "looks like a real sweater", but it doesn't just look like a real sweater, it is a real sweater. An unfinished sweater, but it's getting close. I've got the hood under way, and after that I'll do the bands, give it a wash, than sew on the buttons and it'll be ready to wear.

The magic of a string looping around it self to form whole, recognizable objects is one of the big appeals to me with knit and crochet. It isn't just with this sweater. It's ever sweater, every sock, every hat, ever toy, and so on. They're all just an artfully arranged ball of string. It makes me feel very clever and powerful, that I can get the string to arrange itself that way. Never mind that it's pretty easy and something many people can do. It just means that a whole lot of us get to feel clever and powerful. And that makes it even better, because the more people who realize how awesome they are, the better.

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