Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Internets, I Missed You So!

And I'm back. Nothing deeply exciting here, at least nothing that would be deeply exciting to other people. I'm totally in love with how I can walk my dog with out feeling uncomfortable or endangered. My new place is even bigger than I first thought, now that there's furniture in it for scale. Um, Trader Joe's has started selling dried mangosteen, and that's pretty awesome. That's something that would be exciting to other people. Attention people who are not me! Trader Joe's has dried mangosteen. Go get some. You'll probably like it!

Not much art stuff getting done the past few days, what with the moving. A little sketching. And I have plans to make little diorama type sets to photograph the dolls I make in. That should be fun.

Oh, and we have a Wii now, so I will now have to allocate time to that. It's a great big wonderful time suck. Even just sitting around making miis is deeply amusing.

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