Thursday, July 26, 2007

In retrospect, perhaps boxing up all of my toy making supplies was a stupid idea. Granted, they're in labeled boxes, and I think I even might know where those boxes are. But that where would be behind other boxes. Boxes not currently at the head of the unpacking list.

But I am so desperate to make more toys. And to paint too, and while I have a lot of my painting supplies out, a lot of them aren't, including the canvases. Plus I need a drop cloth to protect the carpeting.

So I am thinking that I will stop by Michaels this afternoon. I'm not usually inclined to by art supplies from them, but for the toy making stuff it will probably be fine. Plus, it's only a few blocks from my house! Not to mention that I haven't ever been to this particular Michaels. For all I know, it may be great.

And it's on the way home (sort of) from the hair salon. That's right. After years of cutting my own hair, I've decided to let a professional have a go at it. I don't know that it's something I'm going to make a habit of, but my hair is at an awkward growing out point that could use some help. Also it's cheap.

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