Thursday, March 15, 2007

Things I've learned today:

1. It's worth spending an extra $5 to buy a mop that doesn't suck ass. Oh my god is our new mop better than our old one! I can wring it out. I can get around corners. The floor is clean but not soaking wet. I love you new mop!

2 I learned how to darn socks! Sort of!

A month or two ago I noticed that one of my pink socks, the very first pair of socks that I knit (the only pair I've finished thus far, although that will change soon) had a hole. Not able to throw them away, I set them aside for a bit. And today, armed with many printouts of online darning instructions, I gave it a go.

So far as I can tell, there is a pretty but difficult way of darning socks, and an ugly but easy way of darning socks. After a go at the former, I gave up at went for the latter. And it worked! It looks like crap, but it worked! As it feels fine on my foot, and seems to be holding the hole from expanding, I'm considering it a success.

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