Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bathroom Fun!

The cold continues, although it is starting to fade a bit. I don't feel nearly so much like crap, but I'm sneezing constantly. I've been using old dish towels to wipe my nose, as I'm finding it helps avoid the horrible nostril chaffing that tissue leaves. Then I'm washing the towels, because I'm not gross.

Today was also fun because the toilet decided for no particular reason to overflow all over the place. Right as Charlie was about to get in the shower before heading into work for a few hours. Right as I was starting to make lunch. Charlie called me into the bathroom to help. It was then that we realized that we did not own a plunger. Because we rock. So Charlie went off to buy a plunger, I made lunch, he fixed the toilet, took his shower, we ate lunch and he went off to work. I got to mop the floor (and I am buying a new mop the next time I am at the store, because our mop sucks), wash the towels that we used to soak up the overflow, and wash approximately seven hundred million dishes. Which was fun. That said, I'm all appreciative that Charlie is the one going into an office on Saturday instead of me. I'd much rather deal with our messy household stuff.

All toilet mishaps aside, it's actually been a good day. In the mail today we got an Amazon gift certificate, a paycheck for me, and a suprisingly large amount of money back from the DMV for overpayment of fees. So that was pretty cool.

Also, we learned yesterday that Charlie is allergic to dustmites and cats, but not dogs. As in, Smee is not the problem. Somehow, this makes me feel vindicated.

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