Friday, March 02, 2007

French cartoons!

I am currently keeping myself entertained with this site, which I discovered via Drawn. The site is entirely in French (I think you can actually get parts of it in English, but it doesn't really matter for my purposes), and has several animated shorts.

I am needing to keep myself entertained because I am full of snot. Very full of snot. Although it is all in my head, not my lungs, which if you are familiar with the way I tend to get colds, is unusual.

I've also been doing a lot of painting and drawing this week. Charlie and I decided that since he's got a well paid job now, it would be alright if I worked on my own art at home until my internship making stop-motion puppets starts. Because while I am very good at temp work, especially reception work, it was causing me massive anxiety. That said, I'm actually glad to still have the option of temp work open to me in the future. If finances make it necessary, I can do it. It's just that right now, since I don't have to temp, I'm going to work on my own art while I have the time.

And yeah! The internship! I'm going to be working in Puppetry department of a stop-motion animation company. A million thanks to Pete, who helped me get this position. It isn't a paying gig, but it's a foot in the door for doing something that will be fulfilling. I think this may lead me on a career path that I'll actually be excited about and engaged in.

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