Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So. I did not get back to the blogging so fast as I intended. I meant to. Really I did. But a certain Charlie got pulled back for a week's additional work on a movie he had been with most of last year. Which meant limited computer access for me. Also, since it was a very last minute deal and on a tight budget, I ended up being Charlie's defacto unpaid assistant. Lots of flagging scripts and running off to buy things at Office Max. It was actually kind of cool, if a bit tedious. And now he's off cavorting with movie stars for the day while I work on art related business.

Also! We got a cat! A cat named Rusty! He's five years old, and cute as a button. He talks constantly.
As cats often are when the first come to new homes, Rusty is still a little shy. He's coming around, but he still likes to hide under the bed and behind the washing machine for hours on end. Also, yesterday, I couldn't find him for about seven hours (impressive in a house this small) and by the time Charlie came home I was getting a bit worried. We ended up in full on panic mode, taking the house apart, when Charlie heard a little mew coming from the kitchen. Rusty had not only gotten into a cabinet, he had burrowed behind several layers of pans.

And I've been busy with the art and the craft. There's been a lot of painting, and a good deal of crocheting as well. I'm making myself a queen sized blanket, in the skinny stripe style that seems to be sweeping the crafty internet these days. I figure I get a nice blanket at the end, and with the added bonus of clearing up lots of yarn stash clutter.

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