Thursday, February 08, 2007


I came home today to the most wonderful surprise. No, not the pillow the dog had torn apart or the puddle of urine he left on the bathroom floor. I came home to those too, but they weren't that big of a surprise. No, the surprise was that while I was off working a temp job, my husband went to the store and bought a strawberry cake mix and chocolate frosting,and he made me some cupcakes! They are very tasty, and so very, very pink inside.

And last night we had a fabulous time! Between our friend Pete and Charlie's work, we were able to see The Animation Show, and for free! The shorts were really good this year, for the most part, and we got to see a lot of friends. One of those friends is Shane Acker, the director on the movie Charlie has been working on most recently. The short that the feature is based on, "9", is screening at the festival, and Shane did a little Q&A afterwords. It was actually one of the better movie screening Q&A's I've been at. People actually asked decent questions, and Shane had excellent answers. Anyhow, if you get a chance at all, go see The Animation Show, and definitely go see the 9 feature when it hits theaters.

After the screening, a big bunch of us went to a bar in Santa Monica. I got to talk to some people I haven't seen in awhile, and I got to meet Shane's wife Sibyl, who's very nice. Charlie got up and did Led Zepplin for karoke, and as always, really got into it. It was fun.

Then we got home, and weren't in bed until around two, and then it took me awhile after that to fall asleep. So of course today was the day the temp agency called me, after not calling all week, and not calling last week except for Monday. Fortunately, it was the office I worked in the last time, which is a slight pain in the ass the get to with the traffic, but is filled with extremely nice people and an office that is set up incredibly well. So it was an easy, quiet day, and the only bad thing I brought away from it was a big blister on my foot.

Now I am hanging around at home, while Charlie is off helping a friend with a possible project. I had planned to go to the West Hollywood Stitch and Bitch, which I've been going to most Thursdays lately. But between a full day's work and a late night last night, I'm wiped out. So it's off to read my new book about getting started as an illustrator for me.


Kerry said...

Hang on....your hubby made you cupcakes! You are one lucky woman!

Anonymous said...
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