Thursday, February 05, 2009

Woo, I am exhausted. My brain has been moving a mile a minute all day (and most of last night; thank you lovely brain for that not so great sleep) thinking of possible knitting patterns to devise, and my body hasn't done a lot of stopping today either. So for tonight I share a link to what I think will be my next knitting project of substance (some things are basic enough that I feel they don't entirely count), which for once is a pattern designed by someone else. I have a massive tendency to just make up my own pattern when I want to make something, so my following someone else's instructions is a bigger deal for me than it is for most people.

But I think these are worth it-

Harika socks

Aren't they lovely? If I do end up making them (and it would be a few weeks, probably, before I start) I'll share.

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